Taking a Look at the Georgia Pie Strain of Cannabis

by | Nov 10, 2023 | Cannabis | 0 comments

When you’re researching cannabis products, the Georgia Pie cannabis is one to consider if you prefer products that remind you of being in a bakery with lots of fresh-baked pies. The Georgia Pie strain is a hybrid strain that reminds you of a creamy dessert but also has minty undertones and is excellent for helping you relax.

Georgia Pie is made with a combination of Gelatti, which is a mix of Gelato and Biscotti; and Kush Mint. The blend is just right; therefore, it isn’t an overpowering strain and it is thoroughly enjoyable for both everyday use and special occasions.

A High THC Content

Because the Georgia Pie weed strain is composed of up to 33% THC, it is not recommended for beginners. The strain helps you unwind, according to many users, without feeling too “zoned out,” so you’re still alert enough to accomplish your household tasks. It smells good and tastes good so it’s easy to take, and if you choose to grow it yourself, you should notice the flowers between eight and ten weeks.

Lots of Options Are Available to You

There are always lots of choices when you research your next cannabis product, so finding one that’s right for you doesn’t have to be a challenge. If you want a product with a nice Southern charm feel, the Georgia Pie strain is for you. When you have a rough day and you’d like to relax at the end of it, choosing this strain of cannabis is something you won’t regret.