Los Angeles Dab Innovation Leads to Enjoyment Anywhere in the World

by | Mar 27, 2024 | Cannabis | 0 comments

One of the best things about cannabis culture is how tradition and innovation go hand in hand. Cannabis and all of its compounds have been around for quite some time. Long enough that humanity has been able to discover a wide range of different uses for it. But modern technology has opened even more doors. One of the most important of these innovations is something known as an

electric dab rig.

But to understand why an electric dab rig is so important you need to understand cannabis concentrates. These concentrated cannabis extracts, typically known as dabs, can produce a powerfully unique experience. However, getting the most out of a dab requires specific temperatures. If a dab’s too cool then it won’t vaporize. But if the dab is overheated then the cannabis compounds might be destroyed. Dabs are ideally used at around 315 °F to 440 °F. But that level of fine control is difficult with just a hand torch. Not many people can feel the difference between 300 °F and 350 °F. However, you can calibrate a dab rig to predefined temperatures. Doing so gives you perfect control over your experience with dabs. The process doesn’t just ensure maximum impact for the compounds. An electric rig also ensures that you can maximize the taste of the dab’s flavor. The taste experience of a dab, much like a meal, depends a lot on how it’s heated. Finally, some models even allow for full portability thanks to their smaller form factors.