What Are Delta 8 Moon Rocks? and Where Should You Purchase Them?

by | Jun 28, 2024 | Cannabis | 0 comments

Delta 8 moon rocks are increasing in popularity among cannabis users. It is easy to use, creates a unique and mellow high, and gives a user all the health benefits that Delta 8 has to offer.

What Are Moon Rocks?

Delta 8 is only present in trace amounts in both the hemp and cannabis plants. To create a usable amount, it is concentrated in a distillate. This is typically used in a vape cartridge. However, many people are not a fan of vaping and prefer to smoke the traditional flower. Delta 8 moon rocks allows a person to get that experience back, in a more concentrated fashion.

Moon rocks are created by soaking hemp flower buds in the distillate of Delta 8. The buds are then rolled in CBD and CBG to help increase the overall cannabinoid profile. This makes the product low in Delta 9, but high in Delta 8. The final product looks amazing and unique.


These moon rocks are much more potent than just regular Delta 8. Since it is infused with terpenes, users report that the taste is very powerful and the overall effect is great. Users have reported that they receive a mild high feeling, and get all the benefits that Delta 8 has to offer.

Where to Purchase

Buyers that wish to purchase moon rocks will find many places that offer them. It is important to do research on the company selling to ensure that they are selling a quality product. A person does not just want to purchase moon rocks from their local gas station. Finding a company that cares about its products is key to the best results.